lyrics and music by Devananda Pandit

Kamsa rallied evil kings and then set out to commit atrocities.
He behaved inimically towards the Bhoja and the Yadu dynasties.
He first divided kingdoms then he conquered all according to his plans.
Soon he was the ruling king all throughout the land.

When the pure hearted Devaki was pregnant for the seventh time,
The incarnation named Sesa appeared in all His might to ease her mind.
She was joyful for she knew that Vishnu was now within her whom,
Though she feared that like her other children this newborn baby would be doomed.

When Krishna saw the situation He decided it was time to intervene.
He ordered the appearance of His spiritual power upon the scene.
Her name was Yogamaya also known as Ambika instead.
She was given these instructions here is what Lord Krishna said:

” In the prison house of Kamsa are Devaki and her faithful husband;
Devaki is pregnant and for many days and nights she has been
Mortified and anxious on account of the dealings of her brother;
Listen now’s I tell you how to help this divine mother.

The child within her womb is my expansion, now here is your duty:
Please arrange the transferal of this child to the womb of Rohini;
Rohini is the other wife of Vasudeva and presently is having
To reside with king Nanda and his queen in a town called Vrindavan.

Then I’ll become the son of Devaki and take birth in this dungeon
And you will be the daughter of Nanda and Yasoda in Vrindavan”.
When all was said and done the Lord entered into Vasudeva’s heart
soon He would walk the earth and manifest His transcendental arts.

copyright 2001 Denis Moreau

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