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Cooking Contest in New Vrindaban

New Vrindaban’s First Annual Lord Jagannatha Food Fest and Cooking Competition February 1st Friday 7: 45 PM!!!! ALL WELCOME Judged by a panel of experienced Prasadam Lovers, winner will take home: First Prize of $100 and title of NV’s Best Cook of 2008 To qualify for participation you must : Be a resident of greater […]

Sri Sri Radha-VrindabanChandra’s Temple Room Renovations

These pictures show the renovations in progress, from the old original dark brown color to what you see with these contrasting lighter colors.      The Temple Room is starting to be repainted, and the initial color scheme looks like it will brighten the whole room up considerably, undoubtly saving considerable on electric consumption.  I can remember that from time to time, there […]

Pluralism Project Features New Vrindaban

Student papers at the Global Leadership Center at Ohio University profile the conversion experience of some of the residents of New Vrindavan Community. The students broke into groups and interviewed devotees on the phone a couple of times, spent a month doing research into the community, and then actually came to visit for a weekend […]

Sri Sri Radha-VrindabanChandra – then and now –

   Dec. 1979 at Bahulaban Temple and Dec. 2007 These and many other pictures are in the GALLERY of the New Vrindaban Website, as I’ve been scanning and posting some old slides.  If you have any pictures, slides or negatives and would like to contribute them to this projects pictorial history, that would be greatly appreciated for many many generations to […]


words and music by Devananda Pandit das adapted from the 2ND chapter of Krishna book When Krishna carried out His desires Devaki glowed like raging fire. He entered in her sacred womb, Though she was shackled in a prison room. Now Kamsa knew his end was near, But spared his sister cos of fear; ” […]

Update on Gopi Lila dd

From Haribhakta’s blog: Gopilila got out of the hospital yesterday. She was glad to get back home and so were the kids and I. It snowed last night and she was out there playing in the snow and making a big snow ball. Today she played in the snow with Gopala and Vrinda. We are […]

Love Me, Love My Cows

Listen to this lecture given Jan 19 , 2008 in Chowpatty by former (and eternal) New Vrindaban cowherd boy, Radhanath Swami. A long lecture but well worth the time as it is germane to the future of New Vrindaban in particular, and to the world in general in its present state. Click to hear “Love […]

Sri Sri Radha-VrindabanChandra

The New Vrindaban Conversion Experiences

The final fruits of this fall’s research project conducted by the students of the Global Leadership Center from Ohio University, led by longtime community friend, Dr. Greg Emery, are now available for reading and viewing at the Pluralism Project website, run by Harvard University. Check it out by clicking here.


by Bhakta-Chris Freshly returned from their 5-week journey to India, the brahmacaris of New Vrindaban quickly found themselves on yet another pilgrimage, this time to the sacred pastime spots of Old New Vrindaban. HH Varsana Swami led us on a tour of inspiration in order to fire us up and show the need of the […]