(fourth installement adapted from the first chapter of Krishna book
lyrics and music by Devananda Pandit das)

When the first son was born, Vasudeva kept his word.
He took the new born child to Kamsa and was not disturbed.
Though it was painful he was a man of honor and fame,
He could never break a promise and spoil the reputation of his name.

They say a holy man can tolerate life in hell,
And a learned person carries out his duties well,
Now a wretch like Kamsa will act in any sinful way,
But a lover of God is surrendered to the truth they say.

Kamsa was surprised to see Vasudeva keep his word,
He said,” My dear brother according to what I’ve heard,
It’s the eight child of my sister that I am to fear,
So you can rest your soul and take this boy out of here”.

It was during this time that Narada came along,
This saintly person heard what was going on,
Being anxious for the Lord to descend amongst the human beings,
Well he created intrigue into the mind of the wicked king.

He said,” Listen carefully to what I’m about to say,
Nanda Maharaja and the cowherd boys on this very day,
Along with their wives, boys,girls and their whole entourage,
They’re all hanging around just like camouflage.

On the other side, Vasudeva, his father Surasena and all that be,
Born of Vrishni in the great Yadu dynasty.
They too are waiting for that fateful day ,
For the birth of the one who’s come to take your life away.

And the demigods they too are being born,
Amongst families and friends who are sworn
To have a better world to live in, that’s what they’re aiming at,
You’d better check with your buddies and maybe do something about that.

After being informed Kamsa quickly changed his mind,
Being driven by fear he put the noble couple behind,
Prison bars and shackled them in iron chains
He then killed each new born baby putting Devaki through so much pain.

Ain’t it surprising that someone could be so cruel,
It happens when a person forgets about the golden rule
Blinded by lust and greed he will victimize,
Pretty much anyone who stands in the way of their desires.

copyright 2002 Denis Moreau

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