“Lesson” by Devananda Pandit das

(Third song from the first chapter of Krishna book)

Words and Music by Devananda Pandit das

Vasudeva stood up and he began to speak so clear,
Saying:” Kamsa don’t you realize that death is always near.
The moment that you took your birth you began to die,
If you are now but twenty years then so much of death has passed you by.

This transitory body that you treasure oh so much
Is changing every moment and is keeping you out of touch.
You’re traveling in a world of purely make believe,
Not really knowing your destination when it’s time for you to leave .

These bodies that we have are but creations of the mind;
Our desires and our thoughts do determine what will be the kind.
But the living being is like the moon reflected on the sea,
Though it appears to be moving it is standing still like a tree.

Therefore I beg you my dear brother please try to keep your cool,
To kill your sister now would kill your reputation too.
Try to imagine in the future what the people of the world will say,
When they come to hear you killed your sister on her wedding day.”

Kamsa had a string of bad association on his side,
So despite the good instructions he could not be pacified.
The nature of a man who is bent on his evil ways,
Is that he can’t hear a word of what the sober man has to say.

Vasudeva was silent and was thinking of his wife:
“For the moment let’s consider how to save her precious life,
If in the future she can bear a son to slay this wretched man,
Then both the child and the mother will be saved according to God’s plan”.

“Presently there are no children ain’t it plain to see,
You are safe for the moment please set Devaki free.
I promise you brother if there are any sons born of her,
I’ll give ’em all to you and on that you can trust me sir.”

Kamsa knew the value of Devaki’s husband’s word
Convinced by the argument of what he had just heard,
He desisted from committing such an outrageous crime;
Being praised for his decision he went home in a nick of time.

copyright 2001 Denis Moreau

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