New Vrindaban Thanksgiving Festival Weekend

by Janaka Mahajana das

Thursday 22nd

“Hanuman” cartoon show in the temple 4:00 PM
Thanksgiving sermon 6:00 PM
Evening Arotik 7:00 PM
Auspicious fire sacrifice “YAJNA” 7:30 PM
Sri Sri Radha Vrindabna Candra’s Darshan- 8:30 PM
From 12 PM till 9:30 PM

Friday 23rd

“Black Friday”
Chant Hare Krishna and be Happy!

Saturday 24th

NV Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Tulasi Salagram Marriage Festival
. Last day of Month of Damodara. End of Kartik and Caturmasya.

Hare Krishna Bhajans- All Day
Presentation  6:00 PM
Evening Arotik 7:00 PM
Tulasi -Salagram Vivaha ceremony 7:30
Dinner Feast 8:00*
(Cooked by Rukmavati and helpers)
(*there will be no lunch feast on following Sunday)

(if you would like to cook something for the feast please do so)

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