Deity Stories “Little Radha-Krishna Deities Acquired”

by Hrishikesh

In September 1968, New Vrindaban acquired a small pair of bell-metal Radha Krishna deities from a devotee who recently returned from India.

Prabhupada gave instructions for their worship, “I am very glad to learn that Harivilas has given you a pair of Radha Krishna Murtis, so it appears that Radha Krishna is very kind on you, because you went to Vrindaban, to live there but circumstantially, you could not live there, and you left.

“Krishna has given you New Vrindaban, as well as He has, out of His good will, He has come to you. It is very surprising. So please welcome the Deity and install Him in a nice throne. I think Vamanadev will be able to prepare a nice throne, and you have seen the New York Deities’ dress and process of worship, so you can do in that way.

“There is nothing to be added new. The same principle should be followed, and the Deities should always be well-dressed in clothing and some ornaments and flowers and incense. The Deities should always be attractive. And the more we are engaged in decorating the Deities, washing the room, the more we are engaged in Deity worship, the more we become purified. That is practical.” (57)

End Notes

57. A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, from a letter to Kirtanananda Swami dated September 22, 1968.

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