Poetry (Unnamed)

From March 16, 1975 issue of the Brijabasi Spirit

I must write this down now
As I awaken from my dream
There was Krsna calling me
Through the sunlight’s golden stream

You are back in My Home now
Back in My arms
I am the God you sought
The relief from all harm
It is here on this fertile plateau
Here plant your seeds and any fruits shall grow
And these fruits of Love
Are the finest fruits you will find
Just see the light in the tiny child’s eyes

As we approach the mountainous rise
Home is here and we are freed
From our endless toil and insatiable greed
You are my guide to help me realize this light
Give me the strength give me the might
By Caitanya’s grace our harvest will be great
All that you want you soon shall know
Just make your home on this fertile plateau

— Vasudama dasa

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