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Part One: What The College Students Really Thought About New Vrindaban

By Sankirtana Das Introduction In October a group of about 25 students, along with their professors, visited New Vrindaban (NV). They were part of the Global Leadership Project at Ohio University. For their fall project, the students broke into groups of three and each group was assigned a devotee to interview and to write a […]

Tribute for Taru

by Dulal Candra das (written for a memorial held by his family) audio is available at: Dear Friends, I say friends not because we have ever met, but because of the close friendship I had with your intimate relative and friend, a kind soul I knew as “Taru”: devotee, writer, public speaker, humorist, ascetic […]

Prahlada Maharaja and Lord Nrsmhadeva

Deity Stories: Kirtanananda Swami Returns To New Vrindaban

In May 1972, Kirtanananda Swami received a message to meet Prabhupada in Los Angeles, wherein Prabhupada ordered him to return to New Vrindaban and take over the management. Prabhupada had heard disturbing reports that the farm was not faring well and there was some talk of closing it down. Up to that time, the community […]

“Lesson” by Devananda Pandit das

(Third song from the first chapter of Krishna book) Words and Music by Devananda Pandit das Vasudeva stood up and he began to speak so clear, Saying:” Kamsa don’t you realize that death is always near. The moment that you took your birth you began to die, If you are now but twenty years then […]

Asrama Items

by Suchitra devi dasi, as taken from the November Issue of the 1977 Brijabasi Spirit  ITEM: Since becoming the official women’s asrama of New Vrindaban, Madhuban temple has shown a new face. Although an outpost in certain respects, Madhuban’s core has always been rigorous devotion.  For example, after a genuine ice cold shower at 2 […]

Mother Kamalavati’s Health Update

Please accept my obeisances. Jai Srila Prabhupada! I’m happy to report that Kamalavati is progressing nicely. Yesterday for the first time she was able to wiggle all four fingers on her right hand. The left arm and hand are at about 75% normal mobility and strength. Her right arm and hand are at about 40% […]

New Vrindaban Thanksgiving Festival Weekend

by Janaka Mahajana das Thursday 22nd “Hanuman” cartoon show in the temple 4:00 PM Thanksgiving sermon 6:00 PM Evening Arotik 7:00 PM Auspicious fire sacrifice “YAJNA” 7:30 PM Sri Sri Radha Vrindabna Candra’s Darshan- 8:30 PM ” PRASADAM AVALIBLE IN THE SNACK BAR From 12 PM till 9:30 PM Friday 23rd “Black Friday” Chant Hare […]

Laxsmi Departed Late yesterday

Picture on left was taken yesterday around noon and the close up was taken on Nov. 9th. 

Premanand’s Birthday

Dear Devotees, Please accept our respectful obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. We request your gracious presence on our son Premanand’s Birthday. Please come and bless little Premanand. H.H Varsana Swami will be blessing us with his presence. Date: Friday 23rd November Time: 5:00 pm Venue: Guest Kitchen( left of the temple hall) Your servants, […]