(Krishna book second song from the first chapter)

Once upon a time there lived a righteous king,
Who ruled over Mathura and whose name was Surasena.
Now Surasena he had a son whose name was Vasudeva,
He married a young maiden, Devaki was her name.

Elephants, horses, chariots and beautiful girls
Followed the young bride into a unfamiliar world,
To ease the pain of separation she felt for her kin,
Entering a new home, where new life begins.

Conches, bugles, voices and assorted drums
All combined together to create a pleasant hum.
The couple shone brightly on that faithful day,
Unaware of danger approaching their way.

While riding on a chariot the newly wedded pair,
Were driven by Devaki’s brother in the festive air.
Kamsa they all new him, a most uncivil one
He had a reputation of oppressing everyone.

The procession ran smoothly along the decorated road
When all of a sudden things took on different mode.
A thunderous voice was heard across the sky
Predicting the future as they went passing by.

” Kamsa, you fool, there will come a day,
When the eight child of your sister will make you pay
For all the heinous crimes that you’ve carried out,
He will take your sinful life and He will blow it out”.

When the vicious prince heard what was prophesied,
He became enraged and fear glowed in his eyes:
He quickly caught hold of Devaki by the hair
Threatening to kill her in his despair.

Words and Music by Devananda Pandit das

Copyright 2000 Denis Moreau

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