Kamalavati dasi scheduled for surgery on Friday

Dear Devotees, Please accept my obeisances. Jai Srila Prabhupada. 

My wife, Kamalavati dasi, is en route to Bremen, Germany where she will undergo two major surgeries, one on her lower back and the second operation on her neck. The discs in her lower back and neck are pinching nerves due to deterioration. 

  The date of her surgery falls on Friday Nov. 2nd , the same day as the celebration for Radha Kunda. As you may know, Kamalavati has braved over 25 years of intense back pain without resorting to the usual fix, drug therapy.   

German surgeons at Stenum Hospital have performed over 3,000 successful artificial disc replacements but just the same I am humbly requesting your prayers and well wishes for a successful operation and full recovery.  

If you feel inclined to drop her a line, do so at greatnewshere@yahoo.com  

…Tapahpunja dasa 

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