Editorial Quandry

The following comment, was placed on the post titled

Confessions of the Prasadam Addict: Section 6 (final)

“His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktipada?!”

(the comment questions the use of this name in the article)

Thank you for pointing this out.

These articles were written in the 1970s.

That was his ISKCON approved name at the time. While it is no longer acceptable to use this name, it was when the article was written.

It would be Orwellian (please read “1984” if you haven’t already) to change historical documents to reflect current political correctness.

This does create a quandary when reproducing documents. We can only hope that readers read with an open mind, and take gold even from an unclean place.

While the problems of NV and Kirtanananda Swami (previously AKA Bhaktipada) have been widely distributed, the nectar has been under appreciated and mostly unheard.

Without understanding that NV had many positive aspects, it is impossible to truly understand how and why things transpired as they did.

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