Bhakta Seva’s Kacchori Recipe:

by Gokulataruni d.d

In memory of,Bhakta Seva Prabhu, I thought I’d write down and share the kacchori recipe that he taught me many years ago, to the best of my memory it went something like this.


2  large potatoes (peeled and boiled)
1/2 head of cabbage (chopped into tiny cubes and fried)

(Heat a few tablespoons of ghee and add the below ingredients in the following order until they’ve
darkened a couple shades)

1 inch chunk of ginger (grated)
1 Tblsp Anise seeds
1 Tblsp Cumin seeds
1 Tblsp Caraway seeds (he always said it was these 
(The three seeds that really made the filling)
A dash of hing/asafetida

Mash together:
An appropriate amount of salt


Bhakta Seva always used a standard pie crust recipe. He mixed it in the food processor in order to avoid touching it with his hands, which would cause it to lose flakiness. He also refrigerated it for a couple of hours before use and rolled the kacchoris out on wax paper in the cooler, as otherwise the butter would melt and make the dough too sticky for use. A sample pie crust recipe is as follows (this may need to be doubled for the amount of filling – it’s been awhile since I made this):

1 Cup butter (grated or chopped while very cold)
2 Cups white flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 Cup water

After refrigerating, the dough can be divided into balls with an approximate 2 inch diameter. They should then be flattened into discs and rolled evenly into circles. An ample amount of filling should be placed  in the middle, then the sides should be brought up around it, pinched together and twisted until the excess dough  comes off. The kacchori should then be flattened into a very thick disc-like shape, and fried in ghee on medium heat until golden brown on the outside.

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Ahhh! The food of the gods has finally been revealed. I loved those kachoris, funny the things you still remember about temple life almost 15 years later.