In Memoriam-Bhakta Seva

by mrupa

It has been one year since devotees got the sad email that our dear Godbrother, Bhakta Seva had passed away alone in his apartment.

Bhakta Seva lived in New Vrindavana many years after coming here with his parents and one of his sisters. His father left his body here quite some years back.

He performed many kinds of service for Lord Nrsinghadeva and Prahlada, was like a loving parent to Krishna’s calves, was famous for his exquisite kachoris for Radha Vrindavana Chandra’s evening offering, and made first class whole grain bread for the devotees’ lunch prasadam.

Over and above all that, Bhakta Seva was known for his gentle, intelligent, steady determination and being a faithful friend to his Godbrothers. His sense of humor was also a great asset for all who knew, or worked with him. There was not a vicious or ambitious bone in his body.

We reverence his memory, the example he set in his dealings with devotees, and his association.

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