Lyrics and music by Devananda Pandit das

(Krsna Book Chapter One Song One)

When the world was overburdened
by the forces of unruly kings
who posed themselves as guardians
but who desecrated everything

The Deity of the Earth named Bhumi
went to see Lord Brahma in her plight
with tears in her eyes she was no more
than a sorry sight

Lord Brahma took compassion
‘pon the Earth and thus became aggrieved
So he gathered all the demigods
and Bhumi thus became relieved

Together they arrived upon the shores
of the great white milk ocean
where Vishnu the God of all Gods lay
resting in that motion

Brahma sat in meditation and a message
was translated to his heart
only he could understand the information
that Lord Vishnu did impart

He then related everything to all
of those who kept his company
Here are the words that would alter
the whole world’s destiny

The Supreme Personality of Godhead
will appear upon the Earth
along with many potencies
and His Name will be Krishna

From the Yadus He will
take His birth
To destroy all evil
and protect His devotees

Copyright 2000 Denis Moreau

(kindly granted permission to publish this by Devananda who says it really needs to be heard with the music. He is doing the whole Krishna Book, about 4 songs per chapter, and will eventually record them)

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