Potato and Tomato Soup

 ( Recipe From the Bahulaban Deity Cookbook, as Complied by Mother Vedapryia, August 4th, 1980 )
Ingredients: (Makes 25 Cups)

1/2 Cup Butter

4 Cups Raw Potatoes, Peeled and Sliced

12 Cups Boiling Water

10 Cups Tomatoes, Peeled, Sliced, and Diced

4 Tsp. Sugar

2 Tsp. Salt

1/4 Tsp. Paprika

1 Tsp, Asafotida

Pinch of Basil

2 Cups Cream

Put Potatoes on to Boil, Saute Asafoetida in Butter, Then Add to Potatoes,  Simmer the Potatoes, Asafoetida, and Butter for 1/2 Hour. Now Add All the Rest of the Ingredients Except for the Cream, and Simmer, Covered, for 1/2 Hour.
Remove from Stove, Whiz in a Blender Just to Get Smooth, Uniform Consistency.
Serve Either Hot or Cold, Stir in the Cream Just Before Serving.
Garnish with Fresh, Chopped Coriander Leaves or Parsley,

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