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Damodar Song — Another English Version

Most of our readers see Brijabasi via feed readers and don’t see the comments. Jaya Murari posted the following as a comment and I think it deserves a wider viewing: Hare Krsna, this is an English version of that same Damodara Song that was used in the RCV Temple during the “Interfaith Days” at New […]

Dipwali and Govardhana Puja! The Festival Is Coming!

Kamalavati dasi scheduled for surgery on Friday

Dear Devotees, Please accept my obeisances. Jai Srila Prabhupada.  My wife, Kamalavati dasi, is en route to Bremen, Germany where she will undergo two major surgeries, one on her lower back and the second operation on her neck. The discs in her lower back and neck are pinching nerves due to deterioration.    The date of her […]


From the July 14, 1975 issue of the Brijabasi Spirit by Ganendra dasa All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! Have you ever had a feeling right down in your bones that something inauspicious was about to happen? Well, last week Bhakta Kurt and I got up at one o’clock as usual in the morning to go […]

HH Purushtraya Swami comes to New Vrindaban!

Programs in New Vrindaban RVC Temple   Srimand Bhagavatam Class – Wednesday Morning 8:00 AM Gaura Vrindavana Farm presentation –Wednesday Evening 5:30 PM in the guest prasadam hall Srimad Bhagavatam Class –Thursday Morning 8:00 AM     MAHARAJA ABOUT HIMSELF: My name is Purushatraya Swami, Srila Prabhupada disciple, Brazilian, age 62, leading book distributor as […]


(Krishna book second song from the first chapter) Once upon a time there lived a righteous king, Who ruled over Mathura and whose name was Surasena. Now Surasena he had a son whose name was Vasudeva, He married a young maiden, Devaki was her name. Elephants, horses, chariots and beautiful girls Followed the young bride […]

Jagannatha Halloween Harinama!

This past Saturday night, the streets of Athens, Ohio was filled with the annual hordes of The Halloween Street Party, a Mardi-Gras type of shindig where the crazy youth of America dress and act even crazier than usual, which is saying a lot. What a perfect time for the all-merciful Lord Jagannatha to make an […]

Request For Copies of Taru’s Writings

by Madhava Gosh There has been a request to see more of Taru’s writings. He was the author of the Prasadam Addict series published in the 1970s in the original print version of the Brijabasi Spirit and recently republished here. The idea has occurred to me to collect all that he has written and make […]

A Celebration of Radha-Kunda

“tat premedam sakrd api sarah snatur aviskaroti” If one simply bathes once within these holy waters, one’s pure love of Krsna is aroused SRI RADHA-KUNDA APPEARANCE DAY CELEBRATION Join HH Varsana Swami at beautiful Radha-Kunda for an evening of sweet celebration in the holiest of all holy places Feel free to bring offerings of all […]

New Vrindaban Deity Lore

by mrupa This is some things about Deities in New Vrindavana. I’ve forgotten more than I remember I’m afraid. Maybe it will help someone else who knows it more and better. Its another longy though. You can use it or not as you think best. ys rupa (Editor’s note: this will be published in a […]