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New Vrindaban Kirtan Policy

Kirtans at New Vrindavan have been found to regularly exceed maximum allowed sound levels. Due to concerns for the auditory health of everyone in the temple, and in order to comply with GBC policy, the following changes will go in to effect immediately: 1. Kirtan will be un-amplified (no microphone) except for large festivals (greater […]

New Vrindaban SB Class Schedule

Friday: HG Malati devi dasi Saturday: HG Janak Mahajan das Sunday, Sept. 16: HG Kripamaya das Monday: HG Arcana devi dasi Tuesday: HG Syamsundar das Wednesday: HG Shankarananda das Thursday: HG Malati devi dasi* (possibly out of town) Friday: HG Soma das Saturday (ekadasi b.f.:6:13-10:11am): HG Balaram Candra das Sunday, Sept. 23 (Vamana dwadasi): HG […]

Vaisnavi Retreat: For Women By Women

October 5th, 6th, and 7th In New Vrindaban Dhama Rejuvenate yourself amidst scenic fall foliage in New Vrindaban for a weekend with distinguished Vaishnavi’s featuring: Discourses, Seminars, Workshops, Interactive Presentations Courses in Shastra, Yoga, Massage, Health, Healing Healthy Prasad prepared with love Campfire Bhajans & Satsang Intimate morning with Srila Prabhupada in His Palace. Hosted […]

Club108 Newsletter (Volume 1 – Issue 1)

Click on the Image to see full size image or read the text only version below… Enjoy! ****CLUB108 NEWSLETTER (VOLUME 1 – ISSUE 1)***** Sight – Sound – Vision – Multimedia Outreach – “Where East Meets West” POWER-POINT PRESENTATIONS ON JANMASTAMI Club108 was pleased to unveil its multimedia offerings for the New Vrindaban Community by […]

World Holy Name Day

Monday, September 17th, the day Srila Prabhupada arrived in America, has been designated as “World Holy Name Day”. Either on this day, or on the following weekend (September 22-23), devotees are requested to make an extra effort to spread the holy names. The New Vrindaban community will be taking part by holding an all-day kirtan […]

Prasadam Addict: Section 2

(Second in a series of five or six continuing articles (Sections) by Taru as taken from old Brijabasi Spirits, from the 1970s) Adventures in Prasadam Land: In one sense, New Vrindaban never changes. Radha Vrindaban Chandra are always here, Kirtanananda Maharaj is always telling us to give up our sense gratification, surrender to Krishna and […]

Crossword Puzzle In English and Sanskrit

From one of the inmates Muktakesh used to correspond with. Click thumbnail below for printable size. Click thumbnail below for answers.

Sri Sri Radha-VrindabanChandra

Recollections of Janmastami in New Vrindaban 1972

RECOLLECTIONS OF JANMASTAMI/VYAS PUJA ‘72 nu mrupa Srila Prabhupada was only personally with us for 10 celebrations of Krishna’s appearance day followed immediately by His own appearance, Krishna and Guru together. How incredibly appropriate a way to solidify in disciples’ heads the two tracks of the Bhakti train that must be in place for pure […]

Radha-VrindabanChandra and Main Altar