Road Between Temple And Route 250 Closure

Monday September 24th the ridge road between the temple and Route 250 will be closed between the school bus runs, approximately 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

It will be closed between Sudhanu’s and Tejo’s houses in order to stabilize and fix the slip that occurred there in January 2005 and has had the road reduced to one lane since then.

This will be from Monday to Friday, for one or two weeks, depending on soil conditions. They are driving piles to stabilize it and they have to drive them until they hit something solid which depends on a number of factors.

While it may be possible to get past the equipment if you are willing to wait for 30 minutes or as long as it takes to drive one pile, don’t count on it. When they fixed the slip by the Palace, the shoulder was wider and they had more room to work with so while there were delays, the road wasn’t actually officially closed. This time the road is narrow and it may not be possible to get by.

The alternative inbound route is coming up from Wheeling Creek, the “back way” as devotees refer to it. There is a piece of gravel road from Wheeling Creek that arrives on the apartment side of the temple.

It is possible to follow the creek from Elm Grove, but the easiest way to explain is to have people come in along route 88 as normal. Once past Sherrad (where the schools are) the road winds around for a while, then passes Eagle Hollow which is at Crow’s Lane to the left. 88 then comes to a relative straightaway.

The next lane, just past an abandoned gas station, turns to the left and is Pine Hill Road. Take Pine Hill Road down to Wheeling Creek. Don’t cross the bridge — take a right turn onto a gravel road just before it.

The gravel road will come to a fork and bear right there onto a paved road that goes right by the temple.

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