Anniversary of Mother Hladini’s Disappearance Day


I think it was yesterday.

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Dear Devotees from NV, thanks that you are thinking about mother Hladini every year. She is very known for her unalloyed service even in Europe.

I was so happy to see that Hladini prabhu’s disappearance anniversary is being remembered. The Vedic anniversary of her disappearance is on Indira Ekadasi which falls on Saturday 6th of October this year. Is the picture on this page one of Hladini prabhu? If so, how old was she here, do you know?

Yes, according to the book, “Legacy of Love” by Hladini’s dear friend, Yamuna the date is Sept. 14th. For some time it flucuated between the 13th and the 21st. But in the book it is fixed at the 14th…and we think about Hladini every day.

Thank you for reminding us about Srimati Hladini Mataji, Srila Prabhupada’s pure and surrendered disciple. Her Vedic disappearance date is Indira Ekadasi, 6 October (in UK).

Is this her picture?

The girl in the upper left of the photo is my daughter Manjari who is 30 now so the picture must be 20 or more years old, if that is useful.

Here is an English translation of Narottama Takhura’s Lament for Separation from Lord Chaitanya and His associates. The Enlish verse can be sung to the same melody as the original Bengali verse. The author has added two verses at the end, one lamenting the disappearance of Srila Prabhuada, and the other the disappearance of Srimati Hladini prabhu:
je anilo prema-dhana koraun pracur
heno prabhu kotha gela acarya-thakur

Srinivasa, saint full of mercy, sea of compassion.
Who gave the treasure of divine love, where now have you gone?

kaha mora swarup rupa kaha sanatan
kaha dasa raghunatha patita-paban

Where is Swarupa, where is Rupa, where is Sanatan?
Where is Ragunatha dasa, who saves the fallen man?

kaha mora bhatt-juga kaha kabiraj
eka-kale kotha gela gora nata-raj

Where now are both blessed Bhattas, where is Krishnadas?
To where did dancing Lord Gauranga so suddenly pass?

pasane kutibo matha anale pasibo
gauranga gunera nidhi kotha gele pabo

I will smash my head on stone, and into fire fall,
For the glorious Gauranga can’t be found at all

se-saba sangira sange je koilo bilas
se-sanga na paiya kande narottama das

Without my loving Lord Gauranga and close companions
Narottama sheds tears of sorrow, feeling all alone.

Prabhupada, eternal master, ocean of mercy
Without you this world will always seem dark and empty

Prabhupada’s dearmost daughter, dearest Hladini
Gone so soon, a hidden jewel, hardly we could see.