Crossword Puzzle In English and Sanskrit

From one of the inmates Muktakesh used to correspond with.


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plzzzzzzzzzzzzz give this in sanskrit language

We lack the capacity to do that, this was a submission from someone.

Maybe you can take it asa hobby, to do a crossword in Sanskrit?

“Krsna and Balarama learned the art of dressing hair in various styles and fixing a helmet in different positions on the head.

“They also learned how to set up a theatrical stage, how to decorate dramatic actors with clothes and with flower ornaments over the ear, and how to sprinkle sandalwood pulp and water to produce a nice fragrance.

“They also learned the art of performing magical feats. Within the magical field there is an art called bahu-rupi, by which a person dresses himself in such a way that when he approaches a friend he cannot be recognized.

“Krsna and Balarama also learned how to make various syrups and beverages required at various times, having various tastes and intoxicating effects. They also learned different types of sewing and embroidery work, as well as how to manipulate thin threads for dancing puppets. This art includes how to string wires on musical instruments, such as the vina, sitar, esaraja and tamboura, to produce melodious sounds.

“Then They learned how to make and solve riddles. They learned the art of how even a dull student can very quickly learn the alphabet and read books. Then They learned how to rehearse and act out a drama. They also studied the art of solving crossword puzzles, filling up the missing spaces and making complete words.”

Krishna Book 45: Krsna Recovers the Son of His Teacher

you can take as a hobby,to do a cross in sanskrit….