Janmastami Schedule, Tuesday Sept. 4th

7:30 Gaura-arati, Nrsimha-arati with extended kirtan
8:30 Children’s Costume and Talent Show* (see below)
9:00 Drama (Caitanya Prabhu)
9:30 Boat Festival with Bhajans ( bhajan texts will be provided )
10:30 Drama (Damodar Prabhu)
11:00 Slide Show
11:15 Appreciations
11:30 Kirtan
12:00 Darsana 

*8:30 Children’s Costume & Talent Show

 Who: Children of all ages

What: Costume andTalent Show of Krishna’s pastimes (from any Lila-Lord Rama, Nrsimha, Pandavas etc.)

When: Tuesday: Janmastami evening after arotik (around 8:15pm)

Where: Inside RVC Temple
All children entering receive a goodie bag. Those that perform a talent (song, poem ,skit, dance etc.) receive an additional gift!

For more info or questions please contact Rama Lila at 845-2911
There will also be other children’s activities in the evening such as gopi dot painting, coloring and video.

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