Best Vacation Ever…

I had the opportunity to spend much of the our Janmastami Festival weekend with two devotees from Toronto, Jaganatha Misra and Rajasuya Prabhus. They came with their families to New Vrindaban dhama to bathe the Lord, get association from the Vaisnavas and chant the holy name.

On Saturday morning we all walked up to Sri Sri Radha Vrindabancandra’s garden to help harvest some vegetables and I can’t remember having a more pleasant time with friends. I never heard three young men get so excited about the color of fresh organic tomatoes before. At first we thought to just harvest one bucket, but soon we found that we were genuinely addicted to picking more. Finally, we had to force ourselves to leave with two large buckets of tomatoes and one large bucket of green beans. They were sorry that the rest of the family hadn’t come up and assured me that on Sunday morning they would bring the rest of the crew up for some nectar. Sure enough they did just that.

The whole family became so enlivened by our festive atmosphere that they decided to stay an extra day. These devotees were so pleased I could not help but think, “this Janmastami celebration was a success.” The New Vrindaban Community will certainly appreciate the efforts of the Congregational department and New Vrindaban Management team in their organization of the festival.

With a heavy heart I was forced to watch Rajasuya and Jaganatha Misra drive off into the distance, but they left me with a gem to remember. “This was the best vacation I have ever had. No it was the best time I can ever remember in my life.” Both nodded in agreement. Who can deny the success of the festival with such words.


Your Servants,
CD dept, NVMT and Arya Siddhanta dasa

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