Prayer Request for Mother Gopi lila and health update


The following are some excerpts from emails that I have received from Gopi lila’s husband, Haribhakta written on the 20th and 22nd. Please keep her in your prayers, as Haribhakta so nicely states below, “ to carry her through her treatment and soothe her soul”.

From the 20th:  “Just wanted to inform you about Gopi lila’s health. She has been having some pain in her lower abdomen area and was experiencing some bleeding. She went in for a check up and was diagnosed with a tumor on her cervix. The doctors will know in a week how serious she is. Three days ago she started losing a lot of blood and she fainted a couple of times. She was then rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. She has stabilized and they have been able to stop the loss of blood. She was also given a blood transfusion yesterday and will be given another one either today or tomorrow.”
From the 22nd: “The current situation seems quite serious. She has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Apparently there are four stages in cancer and the doctors suspect that hers is stage 3 (they still have a couple of tests to run). Either tomorrow or the next day, the doctors will perform furthur tests, whereby they will determine how serious the cancer is, where it has spread, etc,  after which they recommend a combination of radiation and chemo therapy or surgery if it is very serious (stage 4).
    Yes prayer is a powerful force and we would love for the devotees,
especially in New Vrindaban, which is very dear to us, to keep her in their prayers – to carry her through her treatment and soothe her soul.
   Thank you for your kind words and prayers and I will communicate them to Gopilila.
Wishing you the best,  Hari Bhakta Das

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