Things are happening in New Vrindaban…


1. There is a core of surrendered devotees attending the morning programs

2. The community is getting together in an effort to plan upcoming festivals

3. Next weekend New Vrindaban dhama will host North American SSPT meetings
4. On thursday the pujaris all got together and ways to improve our standards of deity worship. Actually the minister of deity worship had nothing to say about how we can improve last time he was here because things have gotten so much better since his previous visit.

5. Cows are being milked and loved daily at the barn at 7am and all the milk is going straight into our kitchen for the Lord.
6. Tapahpunja and his various teams of helpers/devotees are constantly harvesting fresh food that is being offered to the Lord. He is also giving to local charities and promoting vegetarianism.
7. The New Vrindaban Management Team (NVMT) is daily coming together to address the needs of the temple and community at large.

8. A multimedia project is being developed in the office for guests to have an more enriched experience when they come. Part of that is developing tours, slide presentations of the history, Movies about our attractive features, etc.
9. The monthly newsletter just went out with the cooperation of the Congregational development team, NVMT and temple secretary.
10. Five Janmastami festivals are on the way.
11. Devotees are working on protecting the cows and serving the vaisnavas at the end of their bodily life.
12. 24 Hour Kirtana takes place next Saturday staring 9am with special guest Madhava Prabhu!
13. The Bhakta Program is running full steamrotation-of-bh-chris-long-day.JPG

Bhakta Chris is a hard worker and wonderful person to be around!

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