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Meditation on Death

by Haridhama dasa (from Sept. 1981 Issue of the Brijabasi Spirit) Today, while walking, chanting, a leaf, recently fallen, wafted by a gentle breeze, drifted across my path. Red, golden, sepia hues nearly glowing… I thought, ‘Ah, there’s beauty even in death.’ Walking on, sometimes chanting, sometimes thinking, death on my mind… sunlight twinkling through […]

Ratha Yatra Sat. July 14th

Pastimes of Lord Jagannatha- Morning class in the Temple 8:00 AM RATHA YATRA PARADE 11:00 AM (start from Nityo’s/Rupanuga’s house) JAGANNATHA FEAST EVENING BHAJANS

A Guest Should Be Treated With Proper Respect and Honour

A class given in New Vrindaban by HH Bhakti Charu Swami. TRANSLATION: Homes from which guests go away without having been received even with an offering of a little water are like those holes in the field which are the homes of jackals. PURPORT: In a field there may be holes made by snakes and […]

Learning to Fly

By Srila Jiva Goswami dasa As a Bhakta, in the Columbus Temple, I had a hard time dealing with visitor’s questions. I was afraid to give the wrong answer. When anyone asked me anything at all about Krsna Consciousness, my response was always, “Just a minute.” Then I’d run and consult Narada Muni or some […]

Dog Attacks One of The Baby Swans

Dear Devotees, Yesterday morning a stray dog attacked and hurt one of the baby swans. The dog was described as a small brown dog with no tail. According to Radhika Patel, it was not Sham and Vidya’s dog, and Radhika did not recognize the dog. Fortunately the cygnet was not killed, but was injured and is […]

Radhanath Swami Class In New Vrindaban

First Annual North American Patron-Leaders Weekend of Bhakti

My Return to New Vrindaban

“Watching Holy Cow Swami last week made me want to take another trip to New Vrindaban. I thought about a few people that might enjoy such a trip, and put out some invitations. M. definitely wanted to go (she had never been there), and my friend Mike desired a return visit. “He had accompanied me […]

Snan Yatra in New Vrindaban

Snan Yatra was celebrated in New Vrindaban yesterday. Eternal New Vrindaban resident Vedavyas Swami returns home to bath Lord Jagannath. Kirtan swirled around the ceremony. A cameo appearance by Parampara prabhu. Pure unalloyed dancing transpired.

Photos From Recent GBC Meeting in NV

You can see and download several photos from the recent New Vrindavana GBC meetings here.