My Return to New Vrindaban

“Watching Holy Cow Swami last week made me want to take another trip to New Vrindaban. I thought about a few people that might enjoy such a trip, and put out some invitations. M. definitely wanted to go (she had never been there), and my friend Mike desired a return visit.

“He had accompanied me during my visit of three years ago, when we met Tapahpunja Dasa – who gave us a very informative tour of the organic community garden. Our whole group was impressed by this elder devotee’s knowledge base, commitment and worldview.

“When I saw the younger version of Tapahpunja interviewed by Jacob Young for the documentary, I felt inspired to return to see how things were going with the community. I showed Mike Holy Cow Swami, and we had a lot of quality conversation about the way events were portrayed and about faith and religion in general. We could have stayed up talking far into the night, but we wanted to have some energy for our day trip…”

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