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New Arrivals

As of last night or early this morning, New Vrindaban has four new residents, pictured here with their parents.  The swans first started “setting” on the 12th of May.   

Mahabharata Seminar

Everyone is invited to a five day seminar on the Mahabharata by Sankirtana das this Monday thur Friday (June 18-22). The sessions will be in the temple room right after the evening arati at 7:30 and run for about 45 minutes. Sankirtana will be reading excerpts from the first five chapters of his work-in-progress. Along […]

Doing Wants

By Srila Jiva Goswami dasa Once, at Old New Vrindabana, just after the morning program, I came across Puskar who was known to me as a fabulous artist. He was sitting in the lotus position on the back of a flat bed trailer down at Bahulabhana. He was chanting quietly and his eyes were closed. […]

Voice of the Garden

by Will Lewis In the past few weeks we have planted basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatillas, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, okra, green beans, lettuce, chard, and beets up at the garden of seven gates. Also, the asparagus we planted is growing well and we have been filling in the ditch with compost. Down at the […]

Saffron Sweet Rice

(from the Bahulaban Deity Cookbook compiled in the 1970s) 1 gallon fresh whole milk    1/2 tsp. ground cardamon 1 cup rice                          1/4 cup raisins               1 cup honey                1/2 tsp. powdered saffron Bring milk to boil, then add washed rice. Stir fre­quently to keep bottom from sticking. Add saf­fron, cardamon, and raisins. Keep at a constant […]

Follow Bhakti Sastri in New Vrindaban

Follow along at Bhakti Caru Swami’s website.

New Vrindaban GBC Meetings Views

Read about the New Vrindaban GBC Meetings at these sites: Gauranga Kishore Das (June 3-8th) FOLK News SB classes from the GBC meeting in NV GBC Gathering in New Vrndavana (Praghosa) BKG Blog Kavicandra Swami

Drama Festival

(from June, 1981 Issue of the Brijabasi Spirit) (left to right: Lokamangala dasa, Sankirtana dasa and Ganendra dasa) “The Transcendental Actor Thinks, Feels and Relates to Krsna” Last week, the Brijabasi Players journeyed to New York City to participate in the First North American Asian Indian Drama Festival. The festival was held at Columbia University […]

Special Rare Happenings This Weekend at New Vrindaban dhama

All devotees, friends, and members of New Vrindaban are invited to Gaura Arati followed by Lila-Kirtans (kirtans interspersed with lila narations) this coming  Friday and Saturday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Friday will feature H H Lokanath Swami and H H Radhanath Swami. Saturday will feature H H Govinda Maharaja and his Khazakstan Band […]

Parampara Back In New Vrindaban

Parampara has returned home, after being hospitalized for almost a week. He had suffered a mild stroke, tha left him a little numb on the left side. He speaks clearly and his face and arm are okay now, but he is still slightly numb in the left leg. He is prescribed bed rest and no […]