Editor and/or Reporter For Brijabasi Spirit Needed

by Madhava Gosh

New Vrindaban needs a reporter to share with the world what is going on. Right now, the Brijabasi Spirit is barely scratching the surface.

I have been trying to encourage devotees to write for the Brijabasi Spirit for almost a year now, and have had limited success. I clearly lack the motivational skills to help this achieve its full potential by getting more devotees to write about more aspects of the community.

As I feel I have taken it as far as I am capable of going, I am going to stop working on the project. I will continue to post submissions, but will no longer actively pursue getting others to write, nor will I contribute myself.

I have other projects, including cow protection related ones, that I feel my limited energies will be better served by pursuing.

Another factor is that with the availability of New Vrindaban Bloggers, the Brijabasi Spirit is now only a component of a larger window into New Vrindaban, so pushing for frequent posts is no longer that essential. Between all the bloggers, there is something new daily.

Still, there is a lot of unrealized potential for the Brijabasi Spirit that remains to be tapped, and if anyone has any interest in either writing for the Brijabasi Spirit, or taking on some of the administrative duties, please contact me.

I will continue to be involved so the future of Brijabasi Spirit is not in jeopardy. Fans of Jiva Goswami don’t need to feel worried or anything, and Jaya Murari will continue to post.

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