First Week of Bhakti Sastri

June 11 was the first day of this year’s Bhakti Sastri course! Many devotees from around the US, the Caribbean, and from as far off as South Africa and even Mayapur have come to New Vrindaban to study Bhagavad-Gita in the Dham. His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami conducted the classes for the first week.



Maharaja, being an international luminary in ISKCON, attracted many devotees to attend just his week of the course. Photo taken under the Lodge.


Archana Mataji typifies the bliss derived from sastric study!



Group photo of Maharaja and his students. Apart from attracting devotees to come to New Vrindaban, many NV residents have taken advantage of this opportunity, from stalwarts like Rupa Ramesvari, youth like Radhika, newer devotees like Bhakta Vaiko, Chris, Dan and Meghan, plus Syamasundara, Yugala Kishore, etc.

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After the final session, Maharaja kindly arranged a small party for the children of NV, with gifts, cup cakes and ice cream.



Maharaja ended his stay in NV by throwing a pizza party for all students. Thus ended a dynamic first week of Bhakti Sastri!

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