Parampara Back In New Vrindaban

Parampara has returned home, after being hospitalized for almost a week. He had suffered a mild stroke, tha left him a little numb on the left side.

He speaks clearly and his face and arm are okay now, but he is still slightly numb in the left leg. He is prescribed bed rest and no stress for 45 days. He is used to working hard, so this will be difficult for him.

He was given a shot that cleared up the blockage. The doctors told him this shot had only a 30% chance of working but he was one of the lucky ones so he avoided surgery.

Please send him positive energy.

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Reader Comments

It seems simplisticly obvious that the immense stress of trying to run the Lodge without the least training for such an occupation, took a most serious toll on our friend. I hope with all intensity that he realizes he should relinquish this proven life risking and dangerous job and sticks to what he is best at. Certainly, the authorities must realize it would simply be cruel, and exploitative to expect him to return to this engagement?!