Parampara das Stricken


After taking lunch Prasadam Sunday afternoon, I was told that Parampara prabhu had been taken to a hospital in Wheeling last evening.

Last evening sometime, Parampara had phoned Rasa Caitanya & asked him to help at the lodge tomorrow, as he had become extremely ill and was going to the hospital tomorrow if he wasn’t doing better by in the morning. Upon hearing his symptoms, Rasa Caitanya immediately urged and demanded that he go immediately to the hospital, as was accomplished. Apparently Parampara prabhu has had some kind of (mild) stroke (or something).

After hearing about this, I thought that I should get to this computer to let everyone know and ask for the devotees’ prayers for this great personality. I had been taking Prasadam, talking with the devotees and then with some wonderful guests, so as I was headed to the Temple Library to store away the electric wheelchair, and as Krsna could only personally arrange, I immediately came in contact with Rupanuga prabhu, who had just then come back from visiting Parampara at the hospital. When Rupanuga arrived at the hospital, Parampara was lying down resting, but not asleep.

Rupanuga’s description was very encouraging compared to what I had initially heard. One of Parampara’s legs does not function properly, as he limps and doesn’t have full control of it. Also one side of his face in numb. His speech and the use of his eyes are normal, which, to me is a very good sign

Rupanuga said that the doctors want to keep him for several days at the hospital, for observation and tests. They also said that taking Parampara to Morgantown Hospital will be the next option or step, if they cannot deal with him nicely in Wheeling.

If anyone knows more, or can correct whatever I’ve haphazardly incorrectly written, PLEASE let me know ASAP.

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Heard now (11-00 am) 5th June 2007 that Parampara Das is recovering and
surgery might not be required!!Praying to Krishna that he is up and about soon.