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5 New Arrivals

The barn was definitely the place to be this morning. After the arrival of five new Jersey cows yesterday, the devotees were anxious to see their new neighbors. Bhakta Will, Jaya Sri Prabhuji, and Bhakta Emmanuel were in attendance along with us regulars, Jaya Prabhupada Prabhuji and myself. The new girls were hesitant to take […]

Deep in the Woods

By Bhavisyat dasa (from June 1981 Issue of the Brijabasi Spirit)      We learn from Bhagavad-gita that the material world is a combination of the three modes of material nature. A liquor shop is in the mode of ignorance, a city is in the mode of passion, and the forest is in the mode of […]

Help Wanted At New Vrindaban Lodge

Jobs available in housekeeping & laundry department of the Lodge. Please contact Parampara das at 304-843-1600 ext 107 or,

HH Yadhunath At New Vrindaban FOI

See Yadhunath’s show at NV on Gouranga TV.

More Conference Call Classes

Here is the contact information for more conference call Bhagavad Gits classes. Welcome to Bhagavad Gita Class. Conference call classes have been going on out of New Vrindaban for about 4 years. The practice is being taken up in other places also.

A Brief History of Prabhupada’s Palace

by Damodar das The Palace of Gold opened on Janmastami/Labor Day Weekend in 1979. This was the culmination of six years of collective effort of the residents of New Vrindaban. What had begun as a home for Prabhupada, originally meant as a place he could do his translation work, had evolved into a much more […]

New Vrindaban’s FOI through Other’s Eyes

See what others are saying about the Festival of Inspiration. Vyenkata Bhatta dasa: 10 Things that Rocked My World During the Festival of Inspiration ’07: Malati dd, USA : Festival Of Inspiration ‘07 Report 1 (a different Malati than NV’s) Exploring Your Word of Honor (transcript of the workshop given by Mahatma das) ISKCON: Festival […]

Drona Leaves His Body

by Bhaktin Alysia On Tuesday evening, Drona the Ox, one of the 77 cows in New Vrindaban’s Cow Protection Program, left his body after a traumatic fall and three days of critical condition. This past Sunday morning, while at the big goshalla, counting the cows as part of his morning routine, Jaya Prabhupada Prabhuji noticed […]

The 2007 Festival of Inspiration-A Photo Essay (Kirtan)

Posted by Bhakta-Chris Continuing with our photographic journey through the 2007 Festival of Inspiration, today we gaze upon the kirtaniyahs who rocked, soothed, and lifted our souls with their sacred sounds that saturated the New Vrindaban atmosphere with pure devotion. KIRTAN It’s no stretch of the imagination to say that some of the best kirtaniyahs […]

Palace of Gold Makeover

Last summer, 75 youth from around the world gathered in New Vrindavan for three days to perform an extreme makeover of Srila Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold. Watch the 10-minute video by clicking on this article.