THE 2007 FOI -A Photo Essay Final Installment

Our final installment, as we gaze lovingly upon the devotees who gave their all in the transcendental loving service of the Lord….



The Lodge Snack Bar is the place to see and be seen. Our beloved Atmarama Prabhu is here demonstrating the fine and careful art form of preparing unique and family-friendly Krsna prasad for the hundreds of pilgrims and devotees alike who needed sweet sustenance throughout the Festival weekend. For all of his hard work and devotion, he is everyone’s hero. Atmarama ki jay!




There are few things more pleasing in this crazy kooky material world than a smiling face and an offer of prasad sweets. Here Gopesh, Ragupati, and my dear fellow filmmaker Sri Kishore from Athens, Ohio offer up a little bit of delectable perfection. I consider it my duty to now take freely (with my brahmacari discount) from our sweets table in the lobby in order to honor the devotion of these fine gentleman.


Haryashva Prabhu from Philly is the real deal. All weekend he fascinated the taste-buds of nearly every devotee at the Festival with his fantastically transcendental vegetarian sandwiches via his portable Gourmet to Go restaurant. Haryashva is a model of what dedicated, intelligent devotional service is all about. If ever you find yourself in downtown Philly, check out his Gourmet to Go in hometown action, as well as his sophisticated Govinda’s eatery right next door. Don’t forget as well to head upstairs to pay humble obeisances to his life-size Panca-Tattva.


Sometimes a man has just got to sell some ice-cream in order to pay the bills. Here, Balarama-Chandra rocks the mic to propagandize his delicious mango-ice cream (for $1) that kids and hipsters alike bought in droves. For next year’s Festival, he promises to personally set-up a pancake house.


The latest craze among the street-graffiti artists worldwide in the magnet LED light-fully capable of being stuck to any and every wall for a lit-up message of one’s choosing that will last for weeks on end. Here, Gopinath Prabhu, always on the cutting-edge of future technology, is dazzled at the possibilities.

Special dandavats to all the devotees who made the 2007 Festival of Inspiration a grand success. The summer season at New Vrindaban is off to a rip-roaring start, so head on down or up to the hills of West Virginia for a big sample of the spiritual world. Stay tuned here to Brijabasi Spirit for more news and photos of all this summer’s events.

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