Schedule of Events for Festival of Inspiration

Friday May 11

Opening Yagna w/ Dravida das and Ananda Tirtha das

Romapada Swami: Mantra Upasana

Radhika dd: Bucolic Braja: As described in Vaishnava Art, Literature and Philosophy

Mahatma das: Vows and Commitments: Why we make them, why we break them and how to keep them

Lunch Prasad w/ Lunchtime serenade by Ekendra das

Garuda das: Why a New Translation of the Bhagavad Gita? The Relationship between the BBT Gita and the New Harper Gita

Danavir Goswami: Vedic Cosmology

Tapahpunja das: How the Styrofoam Plate Monster Ate the Hare Krishna Movement: A Soulful Look into KC Environmental Activism and Educational Outreach

Rupa Raghunatha das: Planting Seeds of Hope in Vrindavan Dham

Garuda das: Rasa Lila: Understanding our ultimate vision of Supreme Love: Why Translate and Publish this Greatest Lila?

Mahatma, Kaunteya, Vrajalila, Divyambara, and Purusa-sukta: Going beyond flickering devotion and isolation: Exploring continual support and personal growth in Krishna Consciousness.

Balabhadra das: Holistic Cow Care: Not Just Milk

Siddhanta Das: Memories of Srila Prabhupada anecdotes of a modern day saint.

Damodara das: Raja & Bhakti Yoga

7:30 Onward Entertainment in the big tent

Saturday May 12

Damodara das: Morning Yoga

11:30-11:45 Break

Romapada Swami: Models of Inspiration

Shyamala Sakhi dd: TBA

Srinandanandana das: The Vedic Prophecies: Preparing for Our Role in the Future

Kripa Maya das: Over Coming Stage Fright!

Lunch Prasad; Lunchtime serenade w/ B. Joe Walsh & Tommy Raga featuring My Sweet Lord and other sounds of Sriman George Harrison.

Vrajalila dd: The Heart of Loving Exchanges

Vyenkata Bhatta das & Anuttama das: TBA

Radhika Raman das & Aruddha dd: Krishna Conscious Home-schooling and Parenting

Dravida das: Responsible Editing: Faithfully Presenting the Words of the Founder-Acarya

Hanumat Presak Swami: The Japa Tree

Krsnanandini dd, Tarique, Praharana dd: Introduction to: “Strengthening the Bonds That Free Us” — a comprehensive marriage and family course

Yadubara das: Following Srila Prabhupada DVD 4

Partha-sarathi das: The Mercy of Lord Caitanya: Battlefield Memories

Damodara das: Evening Yoga

7:30 Onward
Entertainment in the big tent

Sunday May 13

Arcana Siddhi dd & Karnamrita das: Part 1: Building Healthy Self-esteem to Assist Us on Our Spiritual Journey

Yadunath das: The Yoga of Comedy: Exploring the Ridiculous in Search of the Sublime

Nrsmha Kavaca das: Deity worship in ISKCON

Vaisesika das: The Smart Box: The all new, wildly successful method of selling tons of books without even being present. Distribute books while you sleep.

Arcana Siddhi dd & Karnamrita das: Part 2: Building Healthy Self-esteem to Assist Us on Our Spiritual Journey

Sankirtan das: The Pulse of Narrative Suspense

Ranjit das: “When we was fab Smile”. Early days with Srila Prabhupada and the Beatles.

Nirguna das: Spreading Krsna Consciousness in America (Panel Discussion)

Feast in Honor of His Grace Muktakesh Prabhu Serenade by Devananda Pandit das (Brother Peaceful)

3:00 Onward
Memorial for His Grace Mukta Kesa das in Temple

Yadubara das w/ Full showing of “Following Srila Prabhupada DVD 4”

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[…] As that crew was clearing out, Ed, of the comments section herein fame, showed up from Minneapolis. He is in town for the Festival of Inspiration. We had a nice talk. He showed me his pictures from his recent retreat to Hawaii with Ram das and Krishna das. It was a weekend of kirtan and spiritual katha; apparently Ram das chants a lot of Hare Krishna these days. […]