Reporters Needed In New Vrindaban

Every day something happens that could be written about but it goes by unnoted due to lack of someone taking the time to jot it down. If I haven’t asked you personally to do so, please let me know if you have any interest at all. Polished writing is not a requirement.

There is a children’s program that goes on every Sunday that someone could write about. This past weekend the newly remodeled snack bar opened up for the season. There are plants emerging and being planted in the garden.

Yesterday Jayaprabhupada, Dev, and Prahlada herded 34 cows of the main herd from the big barn through Vrindaban down to the summer pasture at Bahulaban. Jayaprabhupada is going to make another run with the rest of them that are able to make the 5 mile walk after sorting out the ones that will need a ride.

Hari das and Shanka were spreading compost in the beds in front of the temple formerly occupied by the thorn bushes that remained after all the nice ornamental shrubs had died off over the last 24 years. A simple listing of plants that will go there would be of interest to a lot of readers.

Today? Something happens every day if you have eyes to see it and ears to hear it. Do you? If you want to help share the goings on of the devotees, please email me. Your address will remain private if you use the form below; it simply generates an email with me as the only receipient.



Please note the April 24th 2007 reprint from the old Brijabasi Spirit contained herein and note that the reporter was Radhanath. Yes, that Radhananth. So anyone interested in following in the footsteps?

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