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They come, they see, they capture on film.

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Do you have a HUGE picture of the palace? I need it for a project at school. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for sharing my photos with everyone 🙂

Josh — the photo of the Palace with the colored sky is wonderful and unique.

Brian — best bet may be to take Josh’s digital photo to Kinko’s or somewhere and have it printed out.

The BEST bet is to buy a print from me. The Palace shot can be printed up to 20×30 inch.

email me for info:

My apologies Josh. I didn’t realize you sold photos.

Sorry if my response sounded alittle aggressive, it was early in the morning when I posted and it might have come out harsher than intended 🙁

Not at all aggressive. I was simply feeling a little guilty about not being sensitive to the possibility of you selling your photos.

You were fine.