Bhakta Carl Remembers Muktakesa Prabhu

My fellow devotees,

I am just one of the many inmates incarcerated across America who relied on
Muktakesa das for support, guidance, and friendship. He was fully dedicated
to his work with the ISKCON Prison Ministry and the news of his recent
passing was both shocking and heart wrenching, and yet, as I reflected on
the event I began to see it’s glorious side. Thus, I wrote this triumphant
tribute to help me direct my focus to the joyful aspects of his passing,
rather than dwelling on my own personal sadness at the loss of a true
friend. I hope that perhaps, by sharing my work with others, I might be able
to both offer them some comfort in their grieving, and at the same time,
help them to sing a song in honor of our brother Muktakesa das.

KRSNA matir astu,

Bhakta Carl

(Sung to the tune of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”)

“HARK!” the Visnudutas said,
“Look who’s lying in that bed
Muktakesa, our Lord’s servant
LISTEN! Hear his friends all chant

“Let’s take wing to guide his soul
To his final heartfelt goal
His life’s journey now complete
We’ll lead him to KRSNA’s feet

“Joyful all devotees rise
Join the trumpets in the skies
Prabhupada suceeds again
Praise the passing of a friend”


Memorial Service in Moundsville


Final Kirtan as Mukta’s body is cremated

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