New Vrindaban Community Bicycle and Adventure Club


Announcing for the first time ever:

New Vrindaban Community Bicycle and Adventure Club

Join the Club!
For Only $25 Dollars you get:

Club T-shirt
Free bicycle maintenance/training
Opportunities for Organized Bicycle Touring, Hiking, and Camping
and more!

Man, Woman, Young, or Old! The whole family should join!
Membership is not limited to New Vrindaban Residents.


Balaramacandra das

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Reader Comments

This is a marvelous idea!! Are you planning on using any of the rail trails here in wheeling? We’d LOVE to ride with the devotees!

we are going to ride around the world and spread the holy name to every town and village. Just as Krsna´s chakra burned the city of Kashi to ashes we will burn materialistic society to ashes by riding upon two chakras chanting the holy names.

again, an example of your excellent writing skills…