Lord Nrshimadeva’s Appearance Day Outfit

Haribol Prabhus! Lord Nrshimadeva’a Appearance Day is rapidly approaching. The Sewing Dept. is working on a new outfit for Him, and only a couple of people are presently helping. If you have some time to offer to help sew, bead, etc., please see Mother Kunjabiharini and she will gladly give you some service. Even just a little time will help immensely .

Also the next outfit, we will be working on as a group is for Radhastami. We are in the process of ordering the cloth, and beautiful crystal beads. The Radhastami outfit will be for all of our Deities, so there will be lots of service available on that project.

As far as donations are concerned, please remember that since we are doing all the sewing for the Deities here at New Vrindaban, there is no specific “deadline” when we need donations, like there was when I sent the laksmi off to India. We really need ongoing donations, so for everyone would like to donate, please send it to:

Radharani Club, c/o S. Prins,
RR 1, Box 270B
Moundsville, WV 26041.

Devotional Service is also “Donational”!!
Hare Krishna.
Your servant,

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