Kesava and Madhava’s First Darshan of RVC

by Bhaktin Alysia

On Tuesday morning, our bull calves, Kesava and Madhava, took their first darshan of Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra! While the calves did not actually enter the temple, the opened foyer doors allowed for the momentous opportunity.


Raga, Kesava, Bhaktin Alysia and Madhava

The boys are healthy, happy, and growing fast. Their official first day of school was about three weeks ago. “Learning the ropes” and recognizing basic commands was the first major objective. In this age of Kali Yuga, even the cows are lazy, thus the training initially came with some resistance.

With the assistance of Balabadra Prabhu, the calves are now being led out of the barnyard and enjoying daily walks through the temple courtyard, around the lake, up to the palace, etc. Their learning aptitude is impressive and their improvement, remarkable.


The trainees benedict Gosh

New sounds, new grass, new hands, new faces, and new relationships. Imagine their bewilderment. New Vrindaban is blessed to have the association of these exalted souls. And just when I get arrogant thinking I’m the trainer or the teacher, a swift hind leg to the head sets me straight. I am blessed by the dust of their lotus hooves.

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Reader Comments

Just curious, why didn’t Kesava and Madhava go in side the temple? Thanks for the pictures, amazing how fast they are growing.

Lack of traction. The floors are too slippery.