Thank You, Krishna

(written by an alumnus of NV . See the notes for his sermon “Lessons Learned In New Vrindaban”)

Thank you, O my sweet Lord,
for life in my hands.
Thank you for everything
I now understand.
Thank you for family;
thank you for friends.
Thank you for everything
that comes to an end.

Thank you, O my sweet Lord,
for children to teach.
Thank you, O my dear Lord,
for people to reach.
Thank you for resistance,
rebellion and strife.
Thank you for anything
that enhances life.

Thank you, Krishna, (3x)
for everything.

Thank you for birth and death,
disease and old age,
and reminding me that
the world’s all a stage.
Thank you for truth, my Lord,
that I’m one with you,
yet also different,
so I can serve too.
Thank you for challenges
that shake up my soul.
Thank you for inner growth,
presenting this goal:
to see everything
as coming from you.

Thank you for your holy name
and loving pastimes,
and thank you for everything
that fits into rhyme.
And I appreciate
your being with me
at every moment now,
just letting me be.

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