Split Pea Bara

( from the original Hare Krishna Cookbook )


2 Cups yellow or green split peas

2 Cups yoghurt

Ghee for frying

1 1/2 Cups water

1 1/2 Cup salt

1/4  teas. Cinnamon

1  Tab. Ground Coriander

2  Tab. Sage

1  Tab. Ground Cumin

1  Tab. Turmeric

1/2 teas. Cayenne

1 1/2  teas. Salt

1/4  teas. Allspice

1/2  teas. Asafetida

Wash split peas well. Soak 2 hours and then drain. Grind in a food grinder into a pan. Place another pan under grinder to catch excess water. Grind a second time. Discard excess water. Add spices to ground peas and mix until well-blended. Heat ghee in a deep fryer ( about 1/3 full ).

In another pot make a solution of salt and water—2 handfuls of salt to 6 cups of water. Shape ground peas into flat cakes the size of a half dollar. It is helpful to put a little salt water in the palm of the hand while patting the split peas into baras. Place a layer of baras in the frying basket and deep fry until hard, but not brown. Put the fried baras in the salt water solution and soak until they are slightly soft. Remove them and mix the baras in with the yoghurt. Before offering, place baras and yoghurt in oven for 10 minutes under low heat. Yoghurt will separate and the nice flavor is increased.

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