Spring Cleaning, New Vrindaban Style

It’s just about time to welcome all the many pilgrims of assorted shapes, sizes, and colors back to the lotus feet of Radha Vrindaban Chandra. As the weather warms and Easter passes, New Vrindaban kicks it all into high gear, offering one and all the chance to experience fully the Holy Dham and get a real taste of the natural nectar of Krsna consciousness.

But first…..the brijabasis must clean! Actually, this is an operation that goes on for all of the month of April, but being the industrious types, we began to prune and haul away some unneeded branches and bushes to beautify the grounds.

It was a weekend where we all relished the simple…dare I say…old-school style of working, chanting, sleeping, and eating as the modus operandi. There was also a bit of loitering thrown in as well.

It was an all-star collection of Dham residents who chipped in, and much gratitude is offered to all who organized and got their hands dirty. It was a hilarious time and will continue to be so as the flowers bloom and the weather heats up.

Here are the choice highlights…


The fire of devotion


An action shot of Vyasasana in top form


Gosh Yatra



Some devotees don’t like manual labor…



…while some can’t get enough.

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