Lodge and Cabin Clean Up

Please come and join us for the spring cleaning of the lodge and grounds.

Everyone is invited to join on Sunday from 10am-5pm for a fun day that will help get the lodge ready for Radha Vrindavan Chandra’s pilgrims.

The feast will be served for lunch snacks and drinks will be provided. Hope to see you there


1 Clean parking lots of leaves and other refuse.
2. Remark parking lots.
3. Clean up grass areas around lodge, island, cabins and lake of dry leaves, branches and other refuse.
4. Trim lower branches around cabins, on island and on roads up to the Palace.
5. Cutting grass around lodge, island, lake. (bring own equipment, community not responsible for it).
6. Flowering bushes, such as Peonies trimmed by someone who knows how like Rama Lila or Vandevi.
7. Cleaning and disinfecting all the outside, and inside garbage cans.
8. Clean old spider webs from inside and outside of cabins and lodge.
9. Clean slippery moss off of stairs, especially at cabins, with hot water, bleach and strong scrub brush.
10. Clean and replace lights and fixtures outside lodge and cabins
11. Remove broken glass from windows downstairs of lodge.
12. Clean outsides of windows of the lodge and cabins.


1. Ladders
2. buckets
3. bleach and disinfectant
4. brooms, outdoor and regular
5. leaf rakes ( Tapa Punja probably has a lot.)
6. Large trash bags
7. Rags
8. Long handled wall cleaners for spider webs
9. Strong scrub brushes
10. Lawn mowers
11. Leaf blowers
12. Pick up trucks
13. People to work

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