Interviews Sought For Upcoming Book

Here are some excerpts from a recent email exchange with Burke Rochford:

“Dear Ghosh. I was pleased to get a message from Chaits about what you are up to and about the Brijabasi Spirit website. I had stumbled on the site a few weeks ago but haven’t had the time to explore it. I also didn’t notice the blogs that were available. Thanks for pointing my attention to this. Seems like some good things are happening at NV which I am delighted to hear.

“As you know, having finished my book (Hare Krishna Transformed, due out next month) I have decided to turn to NV as my next project. I feel that this is such an important part of the ISKCON story and of Prabhupada’s movement more generally. At this point I feel that I have a responsibility of sorts to write a detailed social history of the community. Too much of the bad side has been revealed without addressing the amazing development of the community. I want to look at all aspects of the community’s growth and development…

“I will be coming to the Festival of Inspiration in May. In fact I will be staying a few extra days in hopes of talking with you and some of the other old-time NV devotees who remain in the area…

“I also hope to speak to some of the devotees who are coming to the festival who spent time at NV in the past. The festival is a busy time so this might be difficult. If you know devotees who are coming who might be willing to be interviewed for an hour or so please let me (and them) know. Any other suggestions you might have would be appreciated. I want to seek help about how best to proceed on this project as well as collective information…”

“As for passing on word that I will be at the Festival Of Inspiration in May by way of Brijabasi Spirit that would be much appreciated. I will be at NV from Thursday afternoon May 10th through the morning of Wednesday, May 16th. I would be eager to talk with any and all former NV residents.

“Anyone who has questions, etc. can email me at…”

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