Udder-ly Hopeful

by Bhaktin Alysia

Good news in the barn. After two months working with Mother Ganga, this week marked the first occasion in which she patiently stood while being milked without a single kick.

Previously, due to her fondness for kicking me and the milk bucket, I dutifully tied her hind legs before milking. Amazingly enough, in the blink of an eye, she would manage to step directly in the bucket! I remember once commenting how it might be wise if we could engage her talents in a soccer match.

The turning point was the morning following her first bath. I was sitting down on the milk crate, paying my obeisances and continuing with the Prabhupada glorification prayers, when I sensed a sereneness about her. I thought I would try washing her teats without tying her legs to see how it goes. Smooth, not a twitch of agitation.

This was the go ahead I had been hoping for. One full bucket later, I was elated at the potential of such a breakthrough. I have since milked her two more times without a flaw. Therefore, I am proud to announce the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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