Springtime at the Palace of Gold

by Damodar:

Easter weekend, which is April 6-8 this year, always marks the real beginning of the tourist season at the Palace. This will be the 29th year the Palace has been open to the public, and with a small but dedicated crew, somehow the Palace remains open 365 days a year. Special mention to Tripad Vibhuti Prabhu who has been a mainstay for over twenty years. Betty Hickey has been overseeing the gardens since 1979.

The Palace gift shop, located in the rear of the Palace, will reopen this coming weekend, March 31-April 1. Unbeknownst to some, there is a second tour available to Palace visitors in the gift shop. There is a display of 15 lighted pictures of Sri Caitanya’s pastimes mounted on the walls of the store, and we are looking for capable souls to give 20 minute tours for the pleasure of the guests. This will begin Easter weekend. It is a non-paying service. However, one will be drenched in transcendental rewards.

The Palace obviously offers many other opportunities to interest and engage our friends and visitors in the sublime activities of bhakti. Any offers or ideas please call (304)843-1812 or (304)843-9808.

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