Hitting Both The Asphalt And The Blogosphere

by Bhakta-Chris

Listen, I can’t fight it anymore. I had to start my own blog. Don’t think I’m abandoning my duties here at Brijabasi Spirit. Actually, just the opposite. Now, those who come to Brijabasi Spirit will become oversaturated with my ramblings, pictures, and assorted news items. I blame it on everyone else here at New Vrindaban who have such nice blogs which do everything from inform me (and you) on all kinds of environmental and social issues, to even enlightening this hard-heart a little bit about the nectar of devotion. So, even though I have very little money to my name, I figured I could throw a few more dimes into what is becoming quite the vibrant blogosphere here at New Vrindaban.

The first post is up, and it is a humble photo essay giving the gist about what the New Vrindaban contingent (Mother Malati, Yugal Kishore Das, Caitanya Das, and myself) did on our recent foray up north towards Pittsburgh and Michigan. To wet the appetite, here are a few pictures….




once again, the new blog is located as jivacow.blogspot.com. I hope you find this helpful to your service, and please let me know what you think.

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