A Dramatic Turn of Events

The New Vrindavan Theater Troupe celebrated its Gaura Purnima (and soon-to-Broadway!…maybe) production of “Caitanya-Lila” this past Thursday night with a heavenly Ekadasi feast at the abode of Damodar Prabhu and Mother Gopa. All glories to Mother Gopa’s cooking shakti! It made the day’s fast well worth the dizziness, spacing-out, and irritable service attitude for this particular young bhakta.

From all of us on the production team, we send out our warmest thanks to the New Vrindaban community and beyond for the warm words of appreciation and constructive criticism we have received in the wake of our performance. New Vrindaban has such a wonderful history of artistic inspiration for the pleasure of Radha Vrindaban Chandra, and with the hard work of devotees like Damodar Prabhu, Suki, and Rama-Lila Mataji, we hope and plan to keep the plays and performances coming for many, many more years.

Always thinking ahead, we were treated to a very dramatic reading from Kripa-Maya Prabhu, giving his all as he previewed a future musical production of the Ramayana. Here are the highlights…




Kripa-Maya Prabhu is hoping to put together a small musical production of his piece for this upcoming Rama Navami (Mar 26th), as well as a larger production of his original musical production of Ramayana sometime this summer or fall. Anyone with singing or musical talent (which is all of us) should get in touch with Kripa-Maya Prabhu ASAP.

Our Theater Troupe is also looking to put on a performance of the pastimes of Lord Nrshimadeva on His appearance day (Apr 30th). If you are interested in joining us, please let Damodar Prabhu know of your availability for rehearsals in the month of April, and stay tuned here and around the temple for further Theater Troupe news and announcements.

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