Will The Beavers Return to Vrindaban?

Photos courtesy of Balaji.

Last summer beavers moved into the pond on the lower road to the Vrindaban farm. Late in the fall, they moved out, but I suspect they will be back in the spring. Beavers were stocked on Wheeling Creek 10-20 years ago and they are spreading.

Here is their house:


First they cut down some trees:


Then they cut them into pieces:


Then they plugged the culvert under the road and are now building on top of the road:




Devotee (1): And platypuses.
Devotee (4): And platypus, the platypus animal.
Syamasundara: Half bird, half…
Devotee (4): Half snake.
Syamasundara: Under water.
Devotee (4): Half beaver?
Prabhupada: Hm, snake? Snake?
Devotee (1): Yeah, it’s part… It has some snake features, it has webbed feet, it has a duck like a beaver, a body like a…
Devotee (4): A tail like a beaver.
Syamasundara: A bill like a duck.
Devotee (1): And a tail like a beaver, and a body like a wolverine or something.
Prabhupada: So the Vedic literature says 8,400,000.
Devotee (1): This is all in one.
Prabhupada: This is Krsna’s mercy. If somebody is thinking, “If I had like this, like that, like that, like that.” “All right you will have all.” (laughter) Just like Hiranyakasipu wanted to save himself in this way, that… “Yes, all are granted,” but still he had to die. All granted. So we are trying to take facilities from Krsna beginning from “O God, give us our daily bread, then give me motorcar, then give me airplane, then give me this, give me that.” “Take all, but you will never be happy unless you surrender to Me.

Room Conversation — Sydney, April 2, 1972, (new98)

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